Elementary School

Minster Elementary School
50 East 7th St
Minster, OH 45865 
Tel (419) 628-4174
Fax (419) 628-2482

Leanne Keller - leanne.keller@minsterschools.org
Jenny Ripploh - jenny.ripploh@minsterschools.org 
Leah Ketner - leah.ketner@minsterschools.org 
Athletic Director 
Josh Clune - josh.clune@minsterschools.org
Technology Coordinator 
Doug Axe - doug.axe@minsterschools.org
Transportation Coordinator         
Don Patch - don.patch@minsterschools.org  

We at Minster Elementary will create a safe, respectful environment where we Learn, Care, and Grow!


Welcome to Minster Elementary School, serving children in kindergarten through sixth grades.  We are dedicated to providing foundational skills to set students on a successful path throughout their school career and beyond.  Developing responsibility, concern for others, and a sense of belonging are also important parts of school life at Minster Elementary.  Our experienced, top notch staff and strong connection between home and school are keys to our success.



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