In order to be responsible citizens we must create an environment that will allow all students to develop and implement:

  • Academic and Personal Growth
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Values and Respect for Self and Others
  • Teamwork and Problem Solving


Challenging today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders


  • Meaningful Experiences
  • Inspire Lifelong Learning
  • Nurturing Envronment
  • Standards of Excellence
  • Total Community Partnership
  • Everyone Accountable
  • Respect For All


The strategic plan evolved through input from students, staff, parents and community members. Student performance data as well as parent, community, and staff input were all taken into consideration as this plan was developed. Principal’s advisory committee members, collaboration committee members, board members and administrative team members reviewed the data and prioritized strengths and weaknesses. This document outlines the district’s plans for the next three years; it is a working draft, designed to evolve based on parent and community input. This plan will be updated and revised each year to reflect changes.

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