Faculty and Staff

Abby Brigadoi

Vocal & General Music

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Ext: 2118

Abigail Knapke


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Ext: 2191

Alicia Everman


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Ext: 2164

Cami Garman

4th Grade

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Ext: 2119

Chelsea McGhee

Physical Education

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Ext: 2107

Dawn Conrad

4th Grade

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Ext: 2109

Emily Hemmelgarn

6th Grade

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Ext: 2119

Heather McClurg

2nd Grade

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Ext: 2134

Jane Horstman


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Ext: 2160

Jason Lammers

Physical Education

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Ext: 2103

Jenny Ripploh


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Ext: 2017

Karen Knapke

4th Grade

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Ext: 2121

Katie Eilerman

Gifted Instructor

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Ext: 2135

Kelly Hess

1st Grade

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Ext: 2111

Kristin Heitkamp

6th Grade

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Ext: 2130

Leah Ketner


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Ext: 2126

Leanne Keller


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Ext: 2024

Lisa Piening


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Ext: 2190

Lori Brunswick

6th Grade

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Ext: 2123

Lynne Heitbrink

2nd Grade

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Ext: 2117

Mandy Albers

1st Grade

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Ext: 2113

Mandy Bornhorst


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Ext: 2131

Marie Andree Eiting


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Ext: 2128

Melissa Brandewie

5th Grade

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Ext: 2122

Michelle Link

3rd Grade

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Ext: 2106

Nick Baird

Asst. Band

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Ext: 2166

Phyllis Kremer

5th Grade

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Ext: 2110

Polly Barga


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Ext: 2116

Prenger, Jodi

5th Grade

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Ext: 2120

Samantha List

5th Grade

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Ext: 2122

Sandy Hoying


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Ext: 2052

Sarah Ambos


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Ext: 2181

Schemmel, Lisa

Library Aide

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Ext: 2127

Schwieterman, Kim

Reading Specialist

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Ext: 2114

Stephey, Brian

3rd Grade

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Sue Falk

2nd Grade

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Ext: 2115

Tracy Halpin


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Ext: 2182

Winner, Linda

1st Grade

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Ext: 2183

Wiss, Kelly

3rd Grade

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Ext: 2104

Wolf, Shelly

2nd Grade

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Ext: 2134

Dorothy Bruns

Secretary / EMIS

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Ext: 2016

Christe Sanders


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Ext: 2016

Doug Axe

Tech Coordinator

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Ext: 2022

Nicholas Baird

Asst. Band Director

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Ext: 2030

Angela Baker

Intervention Specialist

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Ext: 2046

Jen Beair

Band Director

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Ext: 2030

Alexis Blum

Spanish I-IV

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Ext: 2040

Alison Borchers

Algebra I, Algebra B & Trigonometry

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Donna Borges

Head Cook

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Ext: 2219

Marianne Bruns

Bio I, Adv Bio, Anatomy, Physiology

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Ext: 2036

Bret Buchanan

Intervention Specialist

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Ext: 2065

Jennifer Christopher

Josh Clune

Director of Student Services

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Ext: 2057

Rebecca Dues

English I, Media Specialist

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Ext: 2051

Kurt Goettemoeller

7th Gr. Math / Science

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Ext: 2025

Nathan Helmstetter

Psych, AM Studies, Sociology

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Ext: 2041

Emily Hider

Digital Media, Yearbook & Tech App

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Ext: 2059

Marcus Hileman

Robotics 7-8, CAD, Engineering & Custom Design

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Ext: 2045

Christina Homan

7th English

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Ext: 2026

Austin Kaylor


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Ext: 2014

Jason Lammers

PE / Heath

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Ext: 2048

Jessie Magoto

English 2, Oral Comm, AP English, Ind. Reading/Writing

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Ext: 2033

Craig Muhlenkamp

Gr. 8 Science, Pre-Chemistry, Pre-Physics

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Ext: 2031

Lisa Neuman


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Ext: ##7381176

Chelsea McGhee

PE, Lifetime Sports, Health

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Ext: 2107

Christa Prenger

Connections, Accounting, Tech App

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Ext: 2027

Ted Ripploh


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Ext: 2058

Peg Rindler

English III, IV

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Ext: 2028

Leslie Schemmel

Gr 7-8 Language Arts

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Ext: 2105

Kristen Schumann

Intro Calc, AP Calc, Algebra II

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Ext: 2063

Geron Stokes

Intervention Specialist

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Ext: 2072

Jill Sudhoff

Chem, Physics, Astronomy, Environmental Science

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Ext: 2034

Mike Timmerman


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Ext: 2018

Melissa Utrup


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Ext: 2050

Paul Winglewich

Ag Foods, Mech. Principles,
Everyday Living, Ag Business,
Work Study

Email Mr. Winglewich »
Ext: 2047

Mike Wiss

Gr. 7-8 Social Studies

Email Mr. Wiss »
Ext: 2029

Keisha Wolters

7th Gr. Math, Geometry,
Transitions to College Math

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Ext: 2059

Alyx Brandewie

World Studies, Government, Personal Finance

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Ext: 2032

Annette Moran


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Brenda Boeke


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Ext: 2013

Michelle Huelsman


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Ext: 2015

Laura Klosterman


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Ext: 2020

Kay Schmiesing

School Nurse

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Ext: 2147