Summer Bucket List

For many students, summer break has officially begun. That means a break from having to drag tired children out of bed and a break from all the homework. But most of all, it means a chance for our young people to enjoy a little more fun and relaxation.   This summer create a "Summer Bucket List" of things to do with family or friends.  Be sure to include an idea from the following categories:

  1. Volunteer Activity: Giving back to the community not only feels good, but it also allows young people to see the world through a more caring and compassionate lens. If you need help finding volunteer opportunities, check with your child’s school, your local library, your place of worship or other community organizations. Or have your child simply look around the neighborhood and they are likely to find a senior, a busy mom or others who could really benefit from their helping hand.
  2. Learn a New Skill: School may be out, but their brains still need stimulation. Encourage them to come up with a new hobby, sport, instrument, or art project that they would like to give a try. 
  3. Get Active: It’s important to keep those bodies moving, and we’re talking more than just fingers on a cellphone. You can ask each person to list a fun activity that gets the whole family moving together, in addition to workouts or exercise they may do alone or with their friends. It could include activities like biking, hiking, jump rope contests, kayaking and canoeing, to name a few.

Enjoy your summer!