Tik Tok Bathroom Challenge

The latest TikTok trend sweeping the nation and wreaking havoc in schools is called the “Bathroom  Challenge.” It’s where middle and high school students record themselves stealing and vandalizing  school property, then post their videos on social media. It’s called the Bathroom Challenge because this destructive behavior takes place in school bathrooms.  Minster Schools have not had a specific "bathroom challenge" incident occur on campus but to be proactive, please  talk with your child about this and other social media  “challenges.” As you do, here are some points to keep in mind: 

• Don’t assume your child won’t try it: Remember, a teen’s brain is not fully developed.  Impulsivity, peer pressure and competitive desire to one-up a peer are all-powerful  influencers. 

• Set clear boundaries: Share your expectations and what you consider to be acceptable and  unacceptable behavior. What your child thinks is okay, may not be okay with you. 

• State (and restate) the obvious: Stealing and destroying school property is wrong. Explain  that fellow students may do it to fit in, or because they think it’s funny, but it’s no joke, and  the punishments can be harsh.  

• Prompt critical thinking: Ask your child, “What do you think would happen if you do this?”  Help your child learn to step back for a moment and apply basic logic and reason before  making a decision that could impact his/her/their future, as well as your trust. 

• Keep it positive: Though you may be tempted to focus solely on the negative  consequences, remember that youth are hardwired to defend against negative  messages or scare tactics. It’s important to educate them on the risks; however, you  must also emphasize what they should do, like resisting peer pressure, making good  decisions for themselves, and never encouraging others to put themselves at risk. 

Thank you for reading this Know! Parent Tip today.