For either partial day appointments or all day absences

  • If your child will not be at school by 8:10am at the Elementary or by 8:05am at the High School, or leaving during the school day, we must have notification by a parent / guardian.

  • by leaving a message on the attendance line: Elementary 419-628-4174 select option 1

    High School 419-628-2324 select option 1

  • If you have children absent in both buildings, you may leave their names on one message to either building.

  • A written note to the office is also acceptable. 

By notifying us of student absence in a timely manner, we can quickly ensure all of our students are accounted for and safe.  Mrs. Ripploh, Mrs. Sanders, and Mrs. Bruns, at times, get absence emails, but if they are not in the office, these emails won’t be seen.